Last week my dear friend Nyah surprise-visited me from Florida, and, as we wanted to do something neither of us had done before, decided to attend a tea party.  To be honest, it was a long process of finding a tea house to go to since every place seemed to either have too little options, or was just way too overpriced.  About an hour into trying to finding a place, we came across the Stillwater House Tea Room, located in Suffolk, VA.  I don’t have any experiences to compare it to, but it was such an amazing outing that I already want to go back.


Exterior of the tea room

The tea room was located right smack in the historic, cutesy part of Suffolk.  If your’e into the country town vibe and old churches, this is the place to go.  The whole tea room itself was very photogenic, both inside and out.


The outside front and sides of the tea house were all decorated with flowers, but the inside really was adorable, with a chandelier on both floors, lots of china, and floral curtains at every turn.  The owner, who served us most of our food and tea, is a very sweet woman.  I especially loved that she was able to adjust prices and menu items based on what we ordered.  My friend and I both have picky little sisters-hers loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and mine likes her PB&J without the jelly.  As for myself, the owner was able to adjust the menu in order to meet my vegetarian needs.  She even brought my price down some since my plate was a little different.  I think we stayed there about two hours, and she steady brought us tea and small talk throughout the course of our time.

The tea house is extremely kid-friendly, as there are complimentary dress-up clothes and hats to try on, as well as price-reductions.  While I was there, I met an adorable little girl (a fellow customer) who gave me a very informative tour that consisted of explaining the purposes of teapots and how to wear fancy hats.  To sum it up, both the service and customers were beyond friendly, and the cleanliness factor was at 100%.


My plate-grapes, cake, fruit and nut sandwiches, and a scone
My sister enjoying a cupcake

I think the best way to start this is by saying that the scones were the best I have ever had, and that is a big achievement because I enjoyed a delicious scone at a cafe in Montreal.  The next best thing was the lemon bar, which had a perfect sugar topping.  Of course the tea was great too, but I’m more of dessert person.  My vegetarian plate consisted of two fruit and nut sandwiches, fresh grapes, a scone, and a mini cake.  Although the cake was not the best-tasting of the bunch, it was beautiful to look at.  It was topped with an edible rose and gold-colored glitter.  I wan’t exactly expecting my plate to fill me up, but I was extremely full at the end.  The other sandwich options included a chicken salad croissant, pimento cheese, and peanut butter and jelly.  The food options were very limited for me, being a vegetarian, but it was no where near impossible for the owner to work with my diet.  During our time we went through two teas-peach mango and strawberry raspberry pomegranate.  My favorite was the peach mango, but I loved them both.  If fun flavors aren’t your thing, she also had plain teas such as black as an option.

What I Wore

Betsey Johnson earrings
Betsey Johnson

When my friend came, she also brought a birthday gift for me, which was very sweet even though it was four months late.  Of course, she knows me so well, and gave me a purse by one of my favorite designers: Betsey Johnson.  Coincidentally, I wore Betsey Johnson earrings as well, with a floral dress from Dillards.






Address: 201 Prentis St, Suffolk, VA 23434

Phone: (757) 404-6545

*Only available by appointment

The Area

Suffolk Seaboard Station Railroad Museum

If you’re interested in doing a little exploring before heading home, here are three places I stopped at after the tea party:

  • Suffolk Seaboard Station Railroad Museum: The indoor museum was closed the day I went, but there is a bright, red train right outside to observe.
  • Suffolk Visitor Center: I didn’t actually go in, but I did wander around outside where you can find a large outdoor sitting area and a Mr. Peanut statue.  If you are interested in going inside, I think there is tourist information, restrooms, and a gift shop.
  • Book Stand: Near the Visitor’s Center is a small, bright-colored, magazine-holder looking thing where you can find about 35 or so books.  I think one it is meant for taking a book if you want one, and a leaving a book when you get the chance.  It’s not worth making a special trip, but it’s a cute stop for the way back home.

The Crosswater House Tea Room is a place I recommend 100%, tea-enthusiast or not.


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