If you saw my last post, you know I went to Smoothie Mania two days ago.  Well, I went to the Grilled Cheese Bistro just a couple of hours before and it was another delicious experience.

The Bistro

Situated on the trendy Granby Street in Norfolk Virginia, The Grilled Cheese Bistro only serves grilled cheese and a few sides.  I know it seems weird at first-a restaurant just for grilled cheese?  I was wondering if they could pull it off and they did.  I’m pretty sure they have every possible grilled cheese that could ever exist.  I counted 16 different sandwiches on the menu, including macaroni and cheese grilled cheese, and ranging from sweet to meaty.

I ordered the Caprese, a vegetarian option with mozzarella, tomato, basil, and balsamic (which I asked them to leave off).  It was served on focaccia bread (or something similar to) instead of the typical white bread.  I’m very confident when I say that the sandwich was at least 50% cheese, probably more.  They are not modest when it comes to piling the ingredients!

The atmosphere of the bistro was very buzzy, especially since it was filled head-to-toe with people.  This is definitely a local hot spot, as the line continued out of the restaurant!  Don’t let this discourage you from going, the wait was no longer than ten minutes, but I don’t recommend this place for the claustrophobic.

For a side, we ordered french fries with their best selling fries topping: parmesan and chimichurri (chimichurri is a green sauce with a strong cilantro and oregano flavor).  The serving was HUGE.  They gave us a full sized plate with a TOWER of fries on it-all for only $5, (it’s about $2 for large fries at a fast-food place).  As for the taste, they were probably the best french fries I’ve ever had.  At this point, you might have noticed I was having a day of the best food ever-best smoothie, best fries, and the best grilled cheese.

Fries, anyone?-parmesan and chimichurri fries at the grilled cheese bistro
Fries, anyone?
Caprese grilled cheese served at the bistro
The “Caprese” grilled cheese
Too much cheese?
Too much cheese?


the grilled cheese bistro decor
The bistro is filled with stylish decor

bistro decor

atmosphere of the bistro
The bistro is small, but with a comfortable atmosphere
The menu
The grilled cheese side of the menu

The Grilled Cheese Bistro Information

Address: 345 Granby St, Norfolk, VA 23510

Phone: (757) 233-2512

Website: www.thegrilledcheesebistro.com

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