The Ocean City boardwalk, Maryland…maybe you’ve never head of it before.  Or, maybe you have, and carnivals and lights and greasy foods come to mind.  Prior to the announcement of the trip, I had never heard of Ocean City.  I didn’t know what to expect nor what I should do once I got there, but, I assure you, everything worked out fine.  Before I start talking about the good stuff like food and coasters, I should probably start with a few important questions…


Do I recommend visiting Ocean City?

The simple answer is yes.  This was my first time staying at a large boardwalk such as this one, and I think it’s a place that would be great for everyone to experience at least one in their life.  However, I cannot recommend this boardwalk over any other, since Ocean City is the only one I have been to.

Boardwalk at Ocean City

Did I like Ocean City enough to want to go back?

Actually, no.  It was a fun visit, but I think it’s the kind of place that makes a good “one-and-done” weekend trip.  I don’t think the boardwalk supplies enough activities to have steady plans for more than a day, and the food options are…limited.  I can say that I liked Ocean City enough to want to visit another boardwalk like Atlantic City, New Jersey.


I’m super-excited to share my favorite dining experiences in Ocean City!  If you read my answer to the question above, then you know what I said about the food options.  They’re limited.  Food is plentiful, don’t get me wrong, just limited.  When I say that 95% of the food stalls and restaurants are either a pizza place, or a hot dog/funnel cake/gyro/sandwich place, I am not exaggerating.  If you love pizza so much you could eat it for every meal of the day, and feel the same way about hot dogs, I guarantee you will have the time of your life.  If you’re pickier, like me, or a vegetarian, like me, finding something to eat will be a bit harder.

ocean city boardwalk food vendor
here’s an example of one of the 500 places that “specialize” in gyros, hot dogs, sandwiches, and so on

Tony’s Pizza

Tony's Pizza at Ocean City Boardwalk
Guess what? The yellow umbrella up there is where the restaurant’s rooftop seating is located.

You may be thinking: Wait, I thought she was going to talk about restaurants that aren’t pizza-related.  Firstly, I’m sorry.  Secondly, I felt like I should add this place in because I think it may be the best place for pizza on the boardwalk if you really do want pizza.  I can’t say it was the most delicious slice I’ve ever eaten, but I can say it was better (and fresher) than a regular pizza chain shop.  The kitchen is open, and the best part was watching one of the bakers magically toss and spin the dough through the air.  Website:

Thrasher’s Fries

Thrasher's fries at Ocean City Boardwalk
Can’t you just taste them?

Many articles have raved about how delicious these fries are such as this one.  I would definitely put these near the top of my mental list for “Best Fries (Grilled Cheese Bistro still has #1).”  They have multiple locations on the boardwalk so it’s easy to find one close to you.  Website:

Julia’s Cannoli

Julia's Cannoli at Ocean City Boardwalk
Julia’s Cannoli at Ocean City Boardwalk

Julia's Cannoli at Ocean City Boardwalk

As of this moment, I think cannoli is my favorite dessert, and this did a VERY good job.  If you asked anyone I was with at the time, he/she would probably say I practically inhaled it.  If you’re a fan of Italian desserts, this stop is a must.  Website:

Wockenfuss Candies

Wockenfuss at Ocean City Boardwalk
Wockenfuss at Ocean City Boardwalk

As someone whose dream trip is to visit Germany, I was very curious about this candy shop.  The staff is very kind and patient and lets you sample treats you’re considering purchasing.  They have candied apples, coated strawberries, chocolate truffles, caramels, and taffy galore!  Website:



The boardwalk is so colorful it’s almost blinding…in other words, there’s a lot to see!  From live entertainment to sand sculptures it’s easy to understand why one could spend the whole day just at the pier.

Local Artists

Artist at Ocean City boardwalk
A talented spray paint artist

On the boardwalk there are a lot of local artists in action.  This particular guy had a huge crowd around him and once I got a look  I could see why.  In 5 minutes flat he could create one of the pictures you see in the bottom right corner.  Here is a link to this particular artist’s Facebook.

Live Performances

During my time at the boardwalk I saw karaoke, a solo guitarist, a band, and two magic shows.  Since they’re free, it’s worth it to take a peek.  Of course, they like to have a tip so it’s good to have a couple of dollars handy.

Sand Sculptures

sand sculptures at ocean city boardwalk
Christian-themed sand sculptures showing the life of Jesus Christ

Like this Christian-themed one above, the sand sculptures are jaw-dropping intricate and they really take your breath away.

Positive Signs

ocean city boardwalk signsThe boardwalk has many signs asking for people to act with consideration of their environment.

The Batmobile

Batmobile Ocean City
Posing with the Batmobile

Located near the Ocean Gallery is the Batmobile masterpiece.  Although hard to find, it’s worth if you’re a movie buff or Batman fanatic.  If you find your way to the Ocean Gallery (scroll down to see a picture), you will notice some stairs (or is it a ramp) nearby.  Go down these stairs and you should see the famous automobile by the wall.


Souvenir Shopping

ocean city boardwalk souvenir shops ocean city boardwalk souvenir shops

ocean city boardwalk hat souvenir
The hat I purchased at Jewelry & Things souvenir shop

Remember how I was talking about all of the pizza and gyro/hot dog/sandwich/funnel cake places?  Well, if you aren’t looking at one of them, you’re probably looking at a souvenir shop.  There is such an overwhelming amount of them that it made me not even want to look for a souvenir.  If you do want to brave the sun and shops, and see something overpriced that you like, I wouldn’t buy it straight away.  Many of the shops carry the same merchandise for different prices, so I suggest trying some other shops first.  The hat above, for example, I got for $20, which was $5 less than the one I saw at another souvenir shop about a mile down.

Jolly Roger Theme Parks

Jolly Roger theme park at Ocean City boardwalk
Jolly Roger at the Pier
Jolly Roger theme park at Ocean City boardwalk
The Pepsi Ferris Wheel

Jolly Roger theme park at Ocean City boardwalk Jolly Roger theme park at Ocean City boardwalk

The Jolly Roger company has 5 theme parks but I went to Jolly Roger at the Pier.”  It has a roller coaster, carousel, lots of carnival games, and, of course, a Ferris wheel.  Website:

Artwork Browsing at the Ocean Gallery

Even if you don’t plan on buying anything, the Ocean Gallery is a really spectacular-looking building that is sure to peak your curiosity.  It is filled inside and out with art, art, and more art to keep your eyes busy.


There are plenty of arcades on the Ocean City boardwalk so if you don’t have any other plans, it’s a great way to kill time.

The Wrap Up

The Ocean City boardwalk is best, in my opinion, a great day (or weekend) getaway.  Staying just a few hours wouldn’t provide enough time to see everything it has to offer, but more than two days may turn the trip into a bore.  The environment is very no-rush, as most food vendors don’t close ’till around midnight, as do many of the amusement parks, and so  I found that I had the most fun when we didn’t have any particular plan, but just doing activities as we came upon them.


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