Sugar Factory is a renowned restaurant in the United States, most known for its crazy cocktails, goblets, and milkshakes.  I went to their DC/Arlington location at the Pentagon City Mall for a Caramel Sugar Daddy Cheesecake Insane Milkshake.  Of course, Sugar Factory Pentagon City serves more than just drinks-they also have ice cream sandwiches, cake slices, and even sweet pizza, as well as rainbow burgers and pasta if you’re in a salty mood.  This location has both indoor and outdoor seating; typically the indoor area, which is fancier, requires reservation, but a kind lady was able to get me a seat.

It was, without a doubt, an experience like no other, and, although I’m not sure if I want to return, I did enjoy my milkshake.  Below are 3 questions to help you decide if you should or shouldn’t go.

Are you claustrophobic?

When I say every table is filled by the time I got my milkshake, I am not exaggerating.   It is extremely crowded between the 10 people waiting outside the door for a seat, the waiters bustling around the room, and the kids jumping about.

Do you mind loud noises?

The music is already pretty loud, but the staff have a special birthday celebration where they turn the music up 10 times more and sing happy birthday.  In addition to that, they have a video playing on the mega-TV.  If you’re a party person, you’ll probably love this, but if not, it may be overwhelming.

Are you okay with spending $16 on a milkshake?

The prices are probably the same at all locations, but at Sugar Factory Pentagon City, the insane milkshakes are $16, and a goblet is $36.  Though it was a hard decision, I was willing to pay the high price because I had been really looking forward to trying this milkshake (plus mine came with an entire cheesecake slice on top), but you should definitely come expecting to pay above $10 for any item but their plainest cup of coffee.

Sugar Factory Pentagon City
Outside of restaurant/outdoor seating area
Sugar Factory Pentagon City
Indoor area
Sugar Factory Pentagon City
The candy shop section of the restaurant
Sugar Factory Pentagon City
Me with my “Insane” milkshake
Sugar Factory Pentagon City
The “Caramel Sugar Daddy Cheesecake” Milkshake

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