About Me

Hi and thank you so much for coming to my blog!  I started Tres Madalene (Very Madalene) to share my love of travel and fashion with the world.  My blog isn’t much right now, so instead I’ll tell you some things about myself so you’ll feel like you know me a little bit.

1.) My travel bug came from my grandparents-I feel EXTREMELY blessed that they have taken me to so many places I would never think I would have visited at such a young age.  I wrote my first bucket list at their house when I was around 5 years old while reading my first travel magazine.

2.) I started to get into fashion from a Nintendo game, actually (weird, right?), called Style Savvy.  I can’t say I don’t cringe when I look at my “fashionable” outfits from 5 years ago but…at least I tried.  Everyone that knows me knows that I love almost anything with flowers, lace, or a bohemian print/gypsy theme (especially if its blue-green).

3.) I have a little sister and I am absolutely certain that she could win a contest titled World’s Cutest Person.

4.) I have a thing with cacti and succulents.  I’m not sure why, but I find myself buying almost anything with a cactus; decor, stationery, clothes, you name it.  Especially if it’s on sale.

5.) My biggest pet peeve is when people ask me: What are you?  We’re all human right…?  I know people are trying to ask me what my ethnicity is, but there are others ways to word the question that I would really prefer.

6.) I love dessert, specifically, anything you would find at a pâtisserie (pastry shop).  My favorite desserts of all time (currently) are my grandfather’s rice pudding, cream puffs, strawberry shortcake or torte, lemon mixed berry cheesecake, macaroons, and tiramisu.

7.) My favorite place in the world is Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA.  I’m one of those people that really loves doing things that will make a scream come out (roller coasters and haunted houses are on the top of the list).

If you ever want to reach me, feel free to!  I would be happy to get in contact and will respond ASAP.

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